We are collectively and individually responsible for the safety of all workers and worksites


All workers on the worksite must be fully competent and certified for the work they are performing


Regular equipment maintenance and work site inspections are conducive to accident-free production

"Our mission is to conduct our operation safely, promote a healthy working environment and attitude within the company and to prevent injuries to our fellow employees. The co-operation of everyone is essential to make the woods a safe place to work."
Robert Wood, President

Our Key Beliefs:

  • We believe that all fatalities and injuries are preventable.
  • We believe in a culture where the health and safety of all workers is an over-riding priority.
  • We believe that excellence in health and safety is important to our long-term success.

Shared Responsibility:

  • We are collectively and individually responsible for the safety of all workers and all worksites
  • Individuals must assume responsibility for their own safety and the safety of co-workers by following all safety rules, procedures and practices; by refusing to perform unsafe work; and by taking collective responsibility for the unsafe conduct of others.
  • Tenure holders, licensees and prime contractors must take a leadership role in ensuring worker health and safety and assuring accountability for safety on the worksite.

Recognition of Safety Performance and Practices:

  • The commitment to health and safety is to all workers, not just direct employees. When engaging contractors, sub-contractors and others to provide services, the selection process and administration of contracts will include recognition and support of good safety performance and practices
  • Employers will recognize and support the safety performance of their employees. 
  • All owners of forested lands, tenure holders and licensees will give weight to the safety record and current practices of companies in the awarding of contracts and in the determination of fees and levies.

Commitment to Training and Supervision:

  • We understand the importance of workers being fully prepared for the work they do and the provision of competent supervisors who will insist on and enforce safe work practices, All workers on the worksite must be competent and fully trained and certified for the work they are performing.


  • It is understood that the regulatory environment of the Forest Industry can have profound impacts on safety. Accordingly, government ministries and agencies must take into account the importance of health and safety when developing, reviewing and drafting applicable areas of law and regulation.

Continual Improvement:

  • We are committed to the on-going improvement of our practices and support efforts to develop and implement new methods, procedures and technologies that have the potential to improve safety.


BC Forest Safety Council

Accident Control Philosophy:
  • Senior management is determined to promote safe working conditions and attitudes within the company.
  • It shall be the responsibility of management to establish and maintain adequate standards of maintenance at the work site and equipment to ensure that physical hazards are guarded against or eliminated, and to develop safe work procedures conducive to accident-free production.
  • It shall be the responsibility of every supervisory employee to ensure that his subordinates are trained in proper work procedures to obtain optimum output without accidents.
  • It shall be the duty of every employee to follow proper work procedures, to observe all regulations pertaining to their work and to co-operate in attaining the objective of accident-free production.
  • To encourage positive attitudes towards safety and promote safe working conditions, which in turn will reduce accidents.
  • This operation is committed through a safe and healthy work environment to achieving high levels of quality production without accidents, injuries or disability to its employees, contractors or the public.

A comprehensive Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S) program is established, supported, maintained and integrated with other operational activities. Management and supervisors will administer the OH&S program with input from the safety committee and employees. Management, supervisors and employees will correct unsafe conditions and practices and maintain a co-operative interest in the health and safety of themselves, their fellow workers and the public by carrying out their respective responsibilities.

Our mission is to conduct our operation safely, promote a healthy working environment and attitude within the company and to prevent injuries to our fellow employees. The co-operation of everyone is essential to make the woods a safe place to work. Every employee should know the safe work procedures, and be interested in and concerned about their own personal safety.

Robert Wood, President

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